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Taylormade are very proud to say that we will be offsetting our Carbon Footprint for each and every Wedding we perform at throughout the UK. With growing concerns about our planet and environment, we are taking the step of calculating how many tonnes of CO2 we put into the atmosphere each year, and then we will be offsetting this by donating to one of the UK government approved schemes such as Pure Trust.


You will be surprised at how little it can cost to offset a journey. We will add the total to your quote and over 95% of the time the extra cost is less then £1. This means you can spend just £1 to help save the planet and it's wildlife, be happy in the knowledge the entertainment for your Wedding is Carbon Neutral and that should give you a warm happy feeling inside!


For example, if we were to travel to a Wedding in Bristol  from Daventry, the return journey would be a total of 216 miles. As you can see from the CO2 calculator on PURE's website: www.puretrust.org.uk/travel-road.jsp  the cost of offsetting this journey would be only 68p such a small amount but it can do so much for our planet.


This extra few pence is not compulsory, but we hope you'll agree it is a small price to pay to help protect the world we live in!


Green Wedding Music

PURE is the first registered charity that has had its carbon offsets approved under the UK Government's Quality Assurance Scheme for Carbon Offsetting. Find further details here: www.puretrust.org.uk