NEW VIDEOS! Taylormade Acoustic Duo performing live at Castle Quay Shopping Centre, Banbury

On Saturday 24th February we headed to Banbury's Castle Quay Shopping Centre as guests and recommended suppliers of 'The Wedding Emporium'.

As a recent addition to their recommended suppliers list, we had been invited to go along to perform and meet with lots of the couples who are currently planning their wedding with Catriona and Sarah and as you can see from these videos we had a great time!

At first it was a little weird for myself and Matt, we've never performed in a shopping centre before, but shoppers quickly started to enjoy the live music and we even had a couple dancing away in front of us! At one point a lady stopped and said "She has such a good voice, so much better than that rubbish you hear on the telly!" and walked away! Well, what could we say to that?!

We played some of our favourite songs including 'Rather Be' by Clean Bandit and 'The Way You Look Tonight' By Frank Sinatra, both of which were captured on the videos included here.

We also chatted with lots of couples about the prosect of performing for them on their wedding day and it was great to be able to show how we can add a stunning soundtrack to their special day.

We'd really like to thank Catriona and Sarah from The Wedding Emporium Banbury for having us along and letting us serenade them all day long!

Love, Carley and Matt xx